About zeroBio:

The purpose of zeroBio is to provide students with resources for their science courses. These resources come in the form of worksheets, quizzes, games, video tutorials, animations, and more.

 On This Website:

  • Course worksheets, diagrams, assignments
  • Quizzes, games, animations
  • Video tutorials, Skype tutoring
 Viewing on Desktop vs. Mobile Device:

    This website currently relies heavily on Flash animations  which likely do not work on your mobile phone. Therefore this website is best viewed on a desktop computer. That being said, some parts of the website may function fine on your cell phone. In particular, the Course Pages along with the worksheets/printouts and video tutorials (that are not in Flash format). In time, I will consider updating the website to work better on mobile devices.
 Finding What You Need:

    Go to the Student Centre to select your science course and choose content specifically related to what you are studying. If you prefer to just browse this website you can follow the grade flags      which tell you what grade a resource is intended for.

        Grade 10 Science
        Grade 11 Biology
        Grade 12 Biology
        Flash Animation
 Linking to zeroBio:

    Please consider linking to zeroBio using one of these buttons or by text. Link to http://www.zerobio.com.
 Secret Website Awards:

    Can you find the secret website awards? You'll find some of them just by mousing-over the yellow bug buttons on this site. You can reach others if you complete these games:CyberStranded 2 and CyberStranded 4  , or tOXin  . But it might not be as easy as you think. You might need to look up an answer or two -- maybe even talk it over with your science teacher. What a cool idea!

    If you have helpful comments or suggestions on how to improve this website please let me know. Some of my resources are for sale to text book companies or other educators. Contact me to discuss purchasing zeroBio resources or to inquire about personalized one-on-one Skype tutoring.
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