Alien Chromosomes:
So genetic engineering is a GOOD thing, right? Maybe so but when the wrong folks get tinkering with the most important molecules in the universe, it gets ugly and out of hand very quickly.

And now it's up to you to take back the power to manipulate the genes from the aliens that will only use it for evil.

Find the alien chromosomes and destroy them before a big genetic mutation knocks on your door!

* CAPS lock on so you can quickly enter a capital letter into the Decoder.
* Avoid the green laser fences, you'll die instantly if you hit one.
* Watch out for the guns, each hit will deplete your health a lot. Shoot them right away to knock them out.
* Don't get too close to the mutated crabs or your health will go down fast. Shoot them on sight.
* Your health will go up each time you grab a chromosome but if it gets too low, hover over the health kit.
* The EXIT will only open for you if you collect all 9 chromosomes.


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