BioFax Quiz 13 - Matrix Reactions:
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1.Where does Kreb's cycle occur?
2.How many ATP are produced in Kreb's cycle alone per pyruvate?
3.How many CO2 molecules are produced in the preparatory steps/conversions per glucose?
4.Which 2-carbon molecule is produced by the preparatory steps/conversions?
5.What is the Kreb's cycle "acceptor" molecule that begins the cycle?
6.How many NADH are produced by the matrix reactions per pyruvate?
7.Oxygen is indirectly required by the matrix reactions in order to regenerate?
8.The NADH and FADH2 produced in the matrix reactions carry __________ to ____________ reactions.
9.If 2 glucose molecules are being broken down in aerobic conditions, how many ATP will Kreb's cycle alone produce?
10.Alpha-ketoglutarate is an intermediate in Kreb's cycle produced after:
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