BioFax Quiz 13B - More Matrix Reactions:
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1.How many carbon atoms from the original glucose enter into the Matrix reactions?
2.Which molecule from question #1 carries those carbon atoms into the Matrix reactions?
3.Which one of the following is not a molecule in the Kreb's cycle?
4.The major contribution of the Matrix reacitons to energy production is the creation of _______ for use in the Electron Transport System.
5.Fatty acids are excellent sources of energy since their long carbon tails can be converted into many two-carbon molecules of:
6.If an overactive enzyme was causing an increase in fumarate production, which immediate precursor molecule would become depleted?
7.The increase in fumarate production would probably also lead to an increased production of:
8.Because of it's non-polar charge, the carbon dioxide produced by the Matrix reactions leaves the mitochondrion by the process of:
9.By the end of Kreb's cycle, _____ carbons remain from the original glucose molecule.
10.By the end of Kreb's cycle, the hydrogen atoms from the original glucose molecule have been transferred to:
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