BioFax Quiz 16 - Hormones:
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1.Decreases blood glucose level:
2.Increases blood calcium level:
3.Released by thyroid gland:
4.Stimulates release of ACTH from anterior pituitary:
5.Causes ovulation:
6."Anger" hormone released from adrenal medulla:
7.Antagonistic to insulin with respect to blood sugar:
8.Hypersecretion (too much) causes high blood pressure due to water retention:
9.Stimulates immune system:
10.Released by pineal gland:
11.Triggers the thyroid gland to release thyroxine:
12.Increases sodium reabsorption:
13.Stimulates milk production:
14.Stimulates red blood cell production:
15.Antagonistic to aldosterone with respect to sodium reabsorption:
16. An increase in this hormone occurs in the evening and makes you feel drowsy:
17. This hormone is a modified amino acid:
18.This hormone is a steroid:
19. The mechanism of action of steroid hormones does NOT involve:
20. This hormone binds to a receptor inside the cell instead of on the cell membrane:
21. Elevates metabolism and body temperature:
22. Hypothalamic hormone that causes FSH and LH release from anterior pituitary:
23.Target for FSH:
24.Hormone made in the hypothalamus but stored in the posterior pituitary:
25. Mineral that is part of the structure of thyroid hormone:
26. Goiter is a swelling in the neck caused by too much ____ from the anterior pituitary:
27. Also known as growth hormone:
28. Hormone pair that can increase blood sugar:
29. A mineralocorticoid hormone from the adrenal gland:
30. Stress hormone that reduces inflammation:
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