BioFax Quiz 6 - Chemistry (Part II):
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1. A common test for carbon dioxide gas is to put the gas in _________ which will then turn ____________.
2. The Law that explains the fact that water always consists of 2 H and 1 O (ie. H2O) is:
3. The process of splitting water into its elements by passing electricity through it is called:
4. In the electroysis of water, the ratio of oxygen-to-hydrogen produced is:
5. The reaction of iron + oxygen + nitrogen produces:
6. Fill in the blank: copper + ______ + oxygen -----> copper sulphate.
7. Give the correct name for this chemical formula: NaCl
8. Give the correct name for this chemical formula: MgO
9. Which one of the following is NOT the correct symbol and name?
10. As you move across the periodic table from left to right:
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