Drag-and-Drop for Grade 12 Biology
In these Flash Drag-and-Drop games for Grade 12 Biology   you can move images (molecules, chemical symbols, etc.) with your mouse and place them in specific locations.


 Drag-and-Drop Tutorials:
 Drag-and-Drop Full List:
Drag-and-Drop Alcoholic Fermentation   Drag-and-Drop Alcoholic Fermentation  
Drag the molecules into their correct position in the biochemical pathway of alcoholic fermentation. Check your answer when you are done.
Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules   Drag-and-Drop Cooler Molecules  
It doesn't get much better than this! This drag-and-drop game will guide you in placing the atoms needed to build your molecules.
Drag-and-Drop Glycolysis   Drag-and-Drop Glycolysis  
You are given all the molecules in Glycolysis including intermediates, ADP, ATP, NAD+, etc. Drag each image into the correct position.
Drag-and-Drop Hormones   Drag-and-Drop Hormones  
Drag the hormone, source, target and effect into position on the table and then check your work.
Drag-and-Drop Kreb's Cycle   Drag-and-Drop Kreb's Cycle  
Practice arranging the major molecules of Kreb's Cycle in their correct order including acetyl-CoA, NADH and NAD+, ATP and ADP.
Drag-and-Drop Protein Synthesis   Drag-and-Drop Protein Synthesis  
Drag the bases, amino acids, etc. into position to transcribe and translate the genetic code carried by DNA. For this activity you will need to know how to read a codon table.
Drag-and-Drop Synaptic Transmission   Drag-and-Drop Synaptic Transmission  
You've got your presynaptic and postsynaptic terminals, your vesicles and neurotransmitters and a bunch of other components. Drag them together to build a model of synaptic transmission.