Student Quiz Assignment

Your assignment is to create either a "Drop Down Menu Quiz" or a "Multiple Choice Quiz" using the free HTML editor, EasyHTML, and the provided template HTML file. Some of the quizzes will be posted on zeroBio for other students to learn from when reviewing for tests.


Create a quiz that includes at least 10 questions and the correct answers. Save it as an HTML file for publishing on the web. Experiment with different colours, fonts, and sizes. You can include graphics if you want in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.


  1. Download EasyHTML and install it on your computer. You will also need a program such as WinZip or EasyZip to "unzip" EasyHTML.

  2. To learn how to create your quiz, watch these video tutorials:

  3. Once you decide which type of quiz you want to make, save the template HTML file provided below the video.

  4. Open the template HTML file in EasyHTML and begin making changes to the HTML and javascript code as instructed in the video. Be very careful especially when editing the javascript. A mistake in one character can cause an error! Change one small thing at a time and test the page by pressing the "Open in ESKO fullscreen" button in EasyHTML. If the edit works the way you like, save the file immediately. Always save very frequently. Refer back to the video when you need to.

  5. Include your name somewhere on the quiz (deleted if your quiz is posted online).
Submitting Your Quiz

When you have completed your quiz, save it as an HTML file (ie. "hormone_quiz.html") on a USB flash/thumb drive and I will copy it right to my laptop on the day the assignment is due. Or you can submit your quiz on a CD. Please avoid floppy discs. Don't forget to also include any graphics associated with your quiz.


Here is a guide to how your quiz will be marked.